Class Descriptions

Aerial Dance

Aerial Dance is an amazing way to get fit, gain grace, strength, mobility and flexibility while having fun. This is a beautiful art form that anyone can try. Aerial dance class consists of a thorough warm up, conditioning on a variety of aerial tools and learning dance combinations that will impress your friends and family. Viva has years of training and performance experience. She loves sharing her passion while helping people cultivate safe and beautiful aerial skills. Please wear thick tight workout apparel, long pants and a long sleeve layer. The dance routines taught will include inversions and will be executed with a swivel for spinning. 

Aerial Sling 

In this dance class, we use different length aerial slings. We focus on gaining grace and mobility in our movements along with strength and flexibility in our bodies. An aerial sling is a looped fabric that is a safe and fun apparatus to practice spinning and inverting on. This class is perfect for the beginner aerialist to get comfortable flying while staying low to the ground or the more advanced aerialist that wants to practice smoothing out transitions and learning new routines. Training on sling will help you gain confidence while having fun. All levels welcome.

Mixed Apparatus

This class focuses on becoming comfortable and learning tricks on multiple aerial tools such as hoop, sling, pole, straps, chains and net. There is a short mat warm up followed by a conditioning circuit training ( that includes some aerial yoga) and ends with a short trick combo. Great for building endurance and learning how to be on new and unique apparatus. All levels welcome. 

Viva La Yoga

An all level mat flow class that focuses on full body flexibility, body awareness and strengthening. Viva has accomplished 1300 hours of yoga certification along with a 24 year commitment to her own yoga practice. She has studied Bikram, Iyengar, Ashtanga vinyasa along with various types of meditation. This class is a combination of conditioning and stretching used by dancers, Pilates instructors and Yogini’s. Some poses are held with correct alignment to open the body while other exercises are done repeatedly to create heat and strength.